We worked with Russell Athletic to reposition their brand and articulate a global thread, leveraging and executing the visual and visceral brand across disciplines and channels – the manifestation of their unique character, products, and styles. We provided a framework through which all brand decisions are made, from typography, color, art direction, form, the tone of voice and beyond. Together these elements created an identity system that is flexible and powerful, and when used correctly and consistently, allows for a unified representation of their brand. We anchored the iconic R from the past to articulate their future. The mark represents a structured level of tradition and athleticism to employees, customers, and stakeholders. It is stylish and established, fresh yet timeless. This signature is vital in building our brand’s personality and positioning our company as a world-class brand.


The signature is the specific combination of two components—the monogram and the wordmark. These two components form the unique visual expression of our identity. The eagle is known for its keen vision and strength. The eagle is a sign of power, courage, and freedom. The R is derived from the European typeface, Viking. The leg of the R is the eagles head – a symbol that embodies the founder’s courage and vision.


The new strategy paved the way for the 2019 Spring Collection and KITH’s Colorful SS19 Capsule Collection which the largest Kith collection (9,600 SKU’s) to date and sold out as it dropped.