A.T. Cross hired us to reposition Sheaffer Pens and introduce a new look to attract a younger audience. We reintroduced the white dot that once symbolized a lifetime guarantee, and morphed it into a mark of authenticity, representing the moment of inspiration.





Founded in 1912, Sheaffer quickly established itself as an innovator and captured a legion of fans. The new identity system we created anchors the same sentiments from the past, without alienating the heritage brand’s core customer base. In a time when touchscreens outnumber pens, the white dot is a symbol to capture your thoughts at their most meaningful – the best ideas should be written down, made physical, not typed.


To capture Sheaffer’s new audience, we introduced contemporary updates leveraging bold colors mixed with classic, vintage styles from their ads from the last 100 years. Clean, modern, and sophisticated, it’s an appealing style to a generation of young-minded, bold-spirited, bright, and endlessly curious consumers who understand the need for premium products.


We created the #WRITEOFPASSAGE campaign to directly connect Sheaffer with students from the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, as they perfectly reflect the brand’s new desired core consumer. Students from each school worked together, competing for a paid internship, to carry out a campaign we dubbed #WRITEON, which challenged people to think outside of the norms of convention and never stop inventing for the future.